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Stanley and the Water Bowl
, acrylic on canvas, 50.8 x 50.8cm., 2016

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Raising Stanley / Life With Tulia
Storyteller Kim Kilpatrick & Painter Karen Bailey
Directed by Bronwyn Steinberg

July 26-August 5, 2018
Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC)
1233 Wellington St W, Ottawa

The journey from puppy to working guide dog for the blind
told through stories, paintings and video

An accessible theatrical production for all ages and abilities


In their collaborative performance piece, Karen Bailey and Kim Kilpatrick delve into issues of identity, accessibility and canine service using sound and images. Referencing the idea of labour and community, Karen Bailey’s acrylic paintings depict the socialization process inherent in raising a guide dog for the blind. Born blind, storyteller Kim Kilpatrick brings forward the voice of an artist with a disability; voices not often heard in our community. Her personal stories reflect the lived experience as a handler of a guide dog.