Current Work
Raising Stanley
StoryTellers Nuit Blanche (2013)
Official Portrait of Michaëlle Jean
27th Governor General of Canada (2012)
tea/leaves (2010)
Afghanistan (2007-09)
(Canadian Forces Artist Program)
Blanche Dot Doris (2008)
Doris (2008-10)
Marjorie (2006-07)
Cut (2005-07)

Assortment (2009-2015)

guest artist
Barbara Bailey

Triage book

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Self Portraits
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Past Series
Are You Being Served? small 2005
Are You Being Served? 2004-05

New Directions

Still Life Gouache

Book Illustration



Striped Trousers Russian With Red Bow Tapestry Hat
Profile 1 Nocturne With Pink Scarf With Beige Hat
With Wicker Chair As Bosc Pear Seated on Studio Floor With Blue Couch
With Silk Scarves With Carpet Bag With Green Hat With Flowers

Initially I painted self-portraits to confirm my own existence in the world. As my work evolves I increasingly use my body, nude or draped, more subjectively as "the model".

These self-portraits are painted from life. An elaborate set-up of mirrors in my studio allows me to view myself from behind, or in profile, much as one would in the fitting room of a clothing shop. By this method I am able to remove myself from 'the artist' and instead view a series of lines, colours, tones and form to create a 'painting' not solely a 'self'portrait'.

I embrace the intimacy of self-portraiture and, like a chapter in an autobiography, with each painting I attempt to tell the story of my life.